Monday, January 03, 2011

Big Day

January third is a big day. It is full of all kinds of importance.

Today is the tenth birthday of my muse, my heart walking around outside my body, my son. I am woefully unprepared for today. I am reeling with the thought that we have entered double digits. He is almost a tween! I so desperately wish I could have one more day with the five year old Adam, the seven year old Adam, the infant Adam. I want to relive the day he found his toes at five months old laying on his back on my bed, chubby arms and legs in the air. He grabbed his piggies and the biggest grin ever spread across his face. I am not ready for hormones and the possibility that he might not like me much very soon. I pray that we will stay close and that he will always lean into me.

Today is also the first weekday of the New Year. I am ready for the return to normalcy. I am ready to pounce on 2011, bring it into submission and make it my year. I know, it is just another day and we can make life changes on any day of the year, but doesn’t this time just feel pregnant with possibility? Who will I be this year? 2010 was a good year for me. I did not accomplish everything I had hoped, but I moved forward, I did better. Will 2011 be better? That is my intention.

I start every year with the intention to be better organized and more self-disciplined. I made progress in that area in 2010 by waving the white flag in the area of housekeeping and hiring a cleaning service. I hate to clean, I stink at it, my back won’t allow me to do it for long stretches at a time, and I have better things to do with my time. Hiring a service was one of the smartest moves I made last year. The release from guilt alone makes it worth the cost! This year is no different. I know my greatest challenges lie in the areas of self-discipline and organization. My intention for 2011 is to waste less time on stupid stuff and invest more time in worthy pursuits. Stupid stuff means facebook surfing and online games. Really! How many of us are sucked into that black hole on a daily basis?

Here is my list of worthwhile pursuits-

  • time with God
  • time with my kids
  • creative time
  • reading books
  • rest
  • exercise

How about you? What are your intentions for this new year?


Penny A said...

OY! I know what you mean about longing for days with them in the years that are gone... I cannot believe that my 'baby' is 5 months from turning 21!?! Congrats on the uber wise decision to 'let some things go' -- I look forward to seeing your year unfold!

Ophelia said...

oh, I sure love your list of things to pursue!!! Kids grow up way too fast! Miss you so much!