Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge for January- Highly Prized

In my high school art class we had to do a pencil drawing every week on a particular theme. I still have some of those old drawings stashed somewhere. I should dig them out and share them. I remember that I always waited until the last minute to do my drawing, and the results were often below par. I would rush through the exercise because the tedious detail was numbing to my pinball game like mind. I had a few successes, but suffice to say pencil drawing was not my favorite activity.

So, I was a bit intimidated by joining the Sketchbook Challenge. After all, I have been calling myself an artist for a number years now, what if I drew ugly stuff? I am sure I am not the only person who felt this way, and I thought the challenge would be good for me on a few different levels, so I am going for it. Right here and now you get to see the results of my efforts, I am opening up and showing the world that I .....Can draw!

What a surprise. I guess with age, I am learning to see a bit better. I was also surprised that I immediately gravitated toward detailed pencil drawing. I guess my art teacher, Mrs. Arbaugh, knew what she was doing.
The top drawing is my son, Adam, drawn from a photo. The second is my coffee mug. The third is my husband, drawn from life. I am most pleased with this one. There are some proportion issues, but it really looks like him. I am happy to leave it and not fix the issues. The theme for this month is "Highly Prized." and was chosen by dear Jill Berry. I am sure you can see why I chose my subjects.

I am going to try to stretch myself a little and be a little looser with my drawings going forward. Stay tuned!


Sue Bleiweiss said...

These are terrific Amy!

Penny A said...

MOST awesome! You area off to a great start :-) I love them all, but can easily see why the one of Matt is your fave. I look forward to seeing more new treasures unveiled!

Draw on, dearie!

Jill Berry said...

Woowoo Amy!!!! I am so happy to see this. You are brave and talented and I will hold your hand. xoooxox

Brenda said...

Great sketches! I'm following you from the CAST Team on Etsy. Here's my blog if you want to follow back: