Saturday, January 03, 2009

More fun with friends

I do love a party. Lucky for me Jean Skipper (pictured above) at Artist Alley in Southern Pines throws a party on the first Friday of every month. I look forward to the "First Friday" Opening all month long. It is a marvelous opportunity to interact with customers and collectors in a festive, social atmosphere.

It is also a great time to hang with my art buds. Below is the talented and funny Penny Arrowood who makes th most kickin" body products and candles.

This past Friday, Jean had an "Anniversary Extravaganza." The place was packed. Even some of the local media from Pinehurst Magazine were there. Speaking of Media, congrats to Jodi Ohl
(pictured below) who has an article out in the new Cloth, Paper Scissors.

and Nanette were there!

Dontcha wish you had been there too?


Brillig! said...

Hi Amy!
Yeah, I do wish I had been there & I could have been except for the little "brain lapse" I had..... didn't even connect the fact that Nanette & Debbie stopped by my shop late in the day to the concept of it being Friday, let alone early in the month! Ugh! I must be more organized. (Note to self: Repeat that over and over until it sinks it LOL) I resolve to try to make it in February!

And I really enjoyed getting creative with all the girls over at Jodi's home! Definitely something we should all do more frequently!!!

Keep it artful!

Penny A said...

I am SO tickled that we have these to look forward to every month -- it is a sadness on the rare occasions when life intervenes, and I am not able to be there.

Here's to you, my with it and together friend! All the best in this New Year!
- p

Jeanne Rhea said...

Yes, I wish I had been there! I almost came, but we were deep in a project. I will make it soon though. Love seeing the photos!