Friday, January 02, 2009

Play Time with the Girls!

Last Tuesday my dear friend, Jodi, invited me over for little creative play time. I really needed it because my studio is not yet functional in the new house. I have been itching to create. I didn't do much. I just worked on some of my painted paper earrings. The best part of the evening was just relaxing with creative friends.

My friends Nancy and Nanette were there too. We talked and munched and created, and just generally had a blast. We all resolved to do this more often. I plan to hold them all to it!
Creative community has been so important to me in the last year. I have grown tremendously because of my art sisters. We encourage each other, and hold each other accountable. Mostly it is just good to surround myself with people who "get it." So yay for my art sisters!

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Lucy said...

It was great fun, and like you, I really feel the community of art sisters we've formed is probably one of the greatest things in 2008 that have come into my world. :) Thanks for being a part of it!