Thursday, March 20, 2008

Whee! At least I am enjoying the ride!

Spring is here. Everything is changing.

The last two weeks have been wrapped up in getting the house ready to put on the market. It is now for sale, so I am having to be diligent to keep it neat, and cracking the whip on my 4 year old and 7 year old kids and 38 year old husband to pick up after themselves. So far so good.
I have also hired a house keeper. What a stroke of genius that was. With the extra help, the house stays neat, and I can still get some creative time. I recommend this to any of you who are struggling with finding the balance. You see, I want things to stay neat and clean, but I am a lousy housekeeper. I was constantly finding myself trapped in the middle wanting to make art, needing to clean house, and not making progress on either. Hire somebody! Things are so much easier!

In other news...We will be homeschooling the kiddos next year. The boy has excelled academically this year, but I can feel that his self esteem has been damaged by being in trouble all the time. He tries so hard, yet still is in trouble so frequently. He is a good kid, but struggles with some compulsive stuff, and desperately needs consistency in discipline. In talking with the headmaster, I have found out that his teacher has a hearing problem which leads to some inconsistencies in discipline in the classroom. This may have affected the situation. At any rate, I need to get him home. I am excited about it. We are all seeing it as a big, new adventure.

So, many changes are afoot. Spring is the time isn't it?

More artwork coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Just last night, Ptichka commented that resolutions should be made in the spring, not on 1 January. She may be on to something. :)

Amy said...

Maybe so. There is too much dreary weather and post holiday baggage to be clear about anything in January. I do my best thinking when the weather warms up, and the daffodils are nodding.