Friday, March 21, 2008

Shameless Marketing!

Many of you know that prior to my mixed media and painting career, I was a lampwork bead maker for many years. I still have all my equipment, and will get back to it sometime, but for now, I have put the torch and glass aside in favor of acrylic mediums, paper and paint.
I do still have a huge number of wonderful beads from my days of doing bead shows. I maintain an etsy shop for my beads called AmySmithGlass. You may have noticed my etsy mini in the side column. I have marked down a number of beads for a Spring Sale I am running through April 15. Check out the mini below, and go take a looksee. Some of the discounts are 50%.

And now, because I feel guilty for blatantly marketing my stuff...why?...take a look at these favorites of mine from other sellers on etsy!


Pherenike said...

Never feel guilty about a bit of self promotion. Im starting out in business and I really felt bad about 'swindling' someone out of their money at first. In fact they were getting an amazing deal and i was swindling myself. I think promoting your etsy store is another way of affirming your personal right to succeed.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with pherenike. If you're not willing to promote yourself, why should anyone else? Although I will admit, I find it difficult to crow about my work sometimes.

And thanks for including me in your faves! You've included alot of my personal faves in your list.