Friday, August 11, 2006

Falling Forward

Wow! What a whirlwind the past year has been for me. A year ago this week I had my last "Sick episode." I had been suffering for 2 years, and noone could figure it out. I was diagnosed with everything under the sun. Finally, I was sent for a sleep study, and discovered that I have extremely sever sleep apnea. Not only did I feel like I was dying, I really was, a little at a time. My organs were paying the price for hours of oxygen deprivation at night, and no restorative sleep. Enter the CPAP. I started with it last July. Last August, Matt took me to the Cayman Islands for our 10th anniversary. I was just beginning to see small results from getting sleep. My episode hit a week before we left for our trip, and contiuned right through it. I was so ill. Praise God they have stopped, and life is moving forward. I am awake and alive, and accomplishing so much.
My artist life is real now. I am so pleased with the path I am following. My pieces are really singing to me now. I am taking two of thm up to Raleigh next week to enter into a juried exhibition.

This couple is Adam and Eve. It is a 16" x 20" mixed media collage and acrylic portrait.

This is Frolo the Reluctant Angel. He is also a 16" x 20" mixed media collage and acrylic portrait.

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Judi said...

They look wide awake too! How wonderful that your art has woken up along with the rest of you. These pieces are great - best of luck with the show.