Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Must Post More!

I know everyone has given up on visiting my blog because I NEVER post. I am going to better I swear.
Thigs are Grrrreat! I am feeling really good about the creative directions I am moving in. I am pursuing the style that began with Brd Man, Inner Critic, and Blue Warrior. I am just working on refining the technique, and want to add other subject matter besids portraits. More to come....Watch and see....
I am waiting (im)patiently to get our travel dates to go to Ethiopia to bring home our daughter Meselech. I have written a poem to her which may be found at my poetry blog-
Jean has posted a picture of our studio, and myself, and Adam at her blog.
She took some much better pictures of me yesterday though!
I am pretty cute, aren't I!
And here is a recent piece from me that sold on ebay a couple weeks ago!

Thanks for stopping by!


lucyalaxander08500092 said...
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nici said...

Amy, girl, you look radiant!!

sweetsistergina said...

amy: yes you are cute! Love the bird piece - it rocks and is very joyous! So happy to hear of your little girl. You look so happy in everyway - such a blessing - Gina

Odilon said...

CUTE! Both you and the bird, although you are, of course, cuter.