Friday, July 28, 2006

New stuff and things!

I am still here! I am still alive! I am spending alot of time in the new studio now, and don't have access to a computer there. I am hoping this will change in the next couple of weeks. I would like to be able to do all of my ebay listing and emailing from there, and just do home stuff when I get home in the evening.
Things are really hopping at Art For All Y"all! We had 6 ladies in our earring class on Monday! The best thing is the level of productivity I am having in the studio for my own artwork I am really feeling inspired. I am pursuing some new directions, and loving what is happening.

This guy is Blue Warrior. He is a mixed Media Collage Painting sized 16"x20". He reminds me of a Maori warrior with his facial tats. He also makes me think of men in western society, and particularly Christian family men. We don't think of them as warriors, but they truly ar standing as warriors to protect their families from spiritual and emotional attack.

I also have been listing a few more things on ebay, and trying to keep that consistent. I have been asked to sell a huge collection of vintage postcards for a local shop owner. I am doing alot of research on them and enjoying it very much. I have some of the newer cards on ETSY. I also have some on ebay. Watch for more. I have cards from the late 20's through the 90's.

Here are some more of the artwork I have listed....

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nici said...

Such EXCITING energy come off your work! WOW! Go girl!