Sunday, March 19, 2006

More Art Papers

Once again, I am participating in an artist paper swap with Melissa Chapin. I love these swaps. I stretch yself to create the papers, then I get amazing beaustiful papers in return that stretch my imagination even further.

All of these papers were created from the pages of a 1961 beauticians trade magazine.

This first one was washed wiith an orange acrylic glaze, then I used drywall tape as a stencil and gesso to mae white dots. The hand is colored green with a watersoluble oil pastel, then I stamped all over with dye ink and a hommade stamp made with pen score. You can get penscpore at It is a foam product that you heat and press objects into to create a texture that can be used as a stamp pattern. Cool stuff!

This second piece clearly shows the model in the background, which is very cool. I washed the page with orange glaze again, then colored her face withpink oil pastel. I used the same penscore stamp with red dye ink.

I love the jewel tones of this third piece. This page was a bit glossy, so I experimented with soe alcohol inks, and the results are very vibrant.

The Pattern is from a stamp I carved using Safety-kut printmaking blocks, which are also available at Nasco. I used a black dye ink.

Anyhoo, I was really pleased with what I came up with this round. I hope everyone else likes them too!


Tammy said...

Amy! Your papers are wonderful! I would love to know how you make them! I am addicted to papers, but I've never seen art paper!! Wow!

Tammy (from Artellavision)

krystin said...

Beautiful papers Amy- I have now added your blog to my favourites, so even if you are 'shy' on AV, I can cyber-stalk ya! :)

Okay, hope I didn't just scare you into being more shy...

Creative Wishes,
Krystinkerbelle in Vancouver

krystin said...

Your papers are beautiful, how do you hear about these swaps?

Krystin (visiting again)

Ruth said...

Hi Amy...your papers are very unique. I'm particularly drawn to the "beauty" from old hairstyling magazine. My sister owned a'Beauty Shoppe' (that's what they called them way back when)..and I spent my summers sitting on the floor watching her cut, bleach and perm...and listening to the endless stories from the lovely if no one else was around to listen..secrets, secrets secrets...I heard them all..(:<)