Wednesday, May 10, 2006

5 things- I got tagged

Chrysti tagged me for this 5 things gig. Mann y'all must really want me to update my blog or something!
So I have to give 5 answers for all these catagories. Lemme See.....

5 items in my fridge
1.1 orange cream soda belonging to my hubby
2. skim milk
3. calamata olives
4. a ton of cheese of various types
5. a small leftover bit of PMC

5 Items in my closet
1. an African American doll I have been saving for when our daughter comes home from Ethiopia
2. alot of dirty laundry
3. a box of treasures from my childhood
4. my grandmother's sewing basket
5. toys that have been confiscated from my son because he threw them at me

5 Items in my Purse
1. 2 journals
3. book- Scribbling in the Sand: Christ and Creativity by Michael Card
4. a black ultra fine point sharpie
5. some hotwheels belonging to my son

5 Items in My Car
1. numerous half empty water bottles
2. a childs bicycle that was freecycled to us- we picked it up this afternoon.
3. a big purple tassle hanging from my rearview miror
4. a dog treat box full of coloring books and toys
5. a dead bee that has been laying on the rear package shelf for a loooong time.

5 people I tag.
1. Judi
2. Gina
3. Kirsten
4. Zhenia
5. Nici

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