Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Thanks for the cyber-scolding Zhenia!

I have had a cyber-scolding about updating my blog, so here I am being obedient.
I am frantic these days with very little time to really get to the studio. My only "free" time is in the mornings while Adam is in preschool, and I seem to have stuff scheduled every morning from now until eternity.
I have several large commitments to prepare for. I am participating in another paper swap with Melissa (Everyday Art), and I am preparing to attend Artfest at the end of the month. I also have a show to get ready for in April. So, I am swamped. It is a good, productive swamped though!
More to come when I have something to share!


Kirsten said...

Yeah! Thanks for blogging - it is good to hear what's keeping you busy!

Odilon said...

It worked! I'm always curious about what you're up to. Now, I know.

I'm jealous of your Artfest trip. What fun!

MARYBETH said...

Hi AMy,
ITs MB from Artella, It is so good to have you !! Im off to see more of your creations. Do visit my blog and say HOWDEE!
Love * Peace,

Heather said...

Hey Amy!
Cool stuff!
have you thought about going to the reunion yet?
Hope to see you there! =)
Love and Light,