Monday, May 21, 2012

Somebody Else's Dream

There are days when I wish I had a crystal ball to look into my future and show me where my life is leading. Even better, I wish that I had “The Map” of what my life is intended to be, the path I was created to take.  I wish I had very specific step-by-step instructions to follow so I could be absolutely certain that I stay true to the course that was charted for me by the One who made me.  I have a TomTom in my car that tells me when a turn is coming and how far away it is, and which direction I have to go, and exactly the moment I am supposed to turn. Sometimes though, I find that I am on a road that my navigational gadget has no idea exists.  The screen shows a blue arrow traveling across a broad expanse of green nothingness.  The device recalculates over and over again, telling me to turn here, turn there, trying to get me back on course.  That is the path I am on.  
I have been chasing the dream, and I have it just in my grasp.  I have my art in 5 NC galleries.  I am invited to exclusive art festivals, my work has recently been published.  I am poised to pounce on the dream and ride it out.  I can have it all if I just grab it and work it.  I hesitate.  I take a closer look.  Slowly, a notion creeps up on me.  This is unfamiliar.  This place, these possibilities that are surrounding me.  I think I missed a turn. I am in unfamiliar territory, and I know exactly how I got here.  I haven’t been listening.  A small, quiet voice has been whispering to me that this thing I am chasing, this vision, this shining prize, is not meant for me.  I am in the wrong dream.  This is for someone else.  My path wandered off in another direction a long way back.  It is a wide path.  It is wide enough for four to walk shoulder to shoulder.  I can find it again if I double back.  I am going to have to drop some things that I have picked up along the way that will hinder my progress back.  My traveling companions are waiting there for me to continue our adventure together.

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Amy said...

This is beautiful. You should write more often. I love that you know to stop, listen and adjust as needed. So many would keep on going out of their own desire and think it was the right path based solely on their gifts.