Friday, April 17, 2009

Prayers for a friend

I just heard through the art community that our dear Joanna, who has been through so much just learned that Her husband's brain tumor has returned and he needs immediate surgery or he will only have one month to live. Will you please join me in praying for Joanna and Ron? Also, if you feel led, could you please contribute a little to help them get through this tough time. Their finances have taken such a hit over the past years with Joanna's illness. They could use the help just to live in while Ron is receiving treatment, not to mention more medical bills. Thank you!

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Here is what Joanna said on her blog...

"Oh my, how do I even say this. Ron's neurologist explained to us, as we viewed his MRI scans, that this tumor is massive, compressing the brain stem and 4th ventricle. Ventricles in our brain carries the CSF Fluid. That is my understanding. This is what the doctor said:

Ron needs immediate surgery. He has maybe a month to live before the ventricle would be cut off and he would die.

Talk about feeling like a mac truck hits you. I thought I was going to completely loose it. When you hear news like this, you want to faint and not connect to the truth, just like when I heard that my mom was dead. It brought that familiar pain back.

After the doctor's visit we went to the social services office. The quickest Ron could be covered will be next Thursday, a WEEK. A week seems like eternity right now. They handed me more paper work that I have to do and bring back in the morning.

Ron's doctor wants him to have his surgery in San Francisco. We have a nephew who lives in the city, so hopefully I could crash on his couch while Ron is in surgery. Oh my, this is so big to even think about and put into prospective.

If Ron is not eligible for medical treatment, then he will not be able to have the surgery.

Please please please continue to pray. Again, our faith is strong, or at least Ron's is. I keep reaching for the phone to call my mother. It just seems way to big to me and hurts so very much. I have to be strong for Ron. He is hurting over me hurting. And I understand that from when he got the news about me. We have both been on the other side of the fence."

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Melanie said...

I hope to donate soon - but I can pray NOW! Thank you for sharing this Amy!