Monday, March 23, 2009

Two New Oil Paintings

I am meeting myslef coming and going these days. The good news is that I am being artistically productive. The bad news is that if you drop by my house is not likely to be clean.
I am still enjoying my oil painting classes with Frank. This first painting is inspired by artist Alice Williams. A number of us in the class were interested in learning her technique, so we each painted different versions of her paintings. Don't freak on me, this is pretty common practice in learning art techniques. even the masters copied each other.

The next painting is a potrait of Daniel, who we met in Ethiopia. I love this one. I think I might enjoy portrait painting.

What do you think?


Nanette said...

These are just absolutely fabulous. Can't even express how cool I think they are.

Elizabeth said...

WOW!!! You are doing wonderfully!! I love the vivedness colors you used and the portrait is excellent too!!

~debbie said...

LOVE THEM! Don't ever let me hear you question whether you have talent or not!


Jeanne Rhea said...

These are wonderful! You are so good. I'm with Debbie---no need to question your talent!

Lucy said...

Amy--these are simply wonderful, you are growing by leaps and bounds--so much to be proud of!!!

Jill Berry said...

Amy, beautiful work! Thanks for dropping by my blog and my class, I am so looking forward to it!
I admire what you are doing, it is just lovely.