Sunday, February 08, 2009

Waking Up

I finished it. I am very pleased. I am learning so much in this class. I have learned alot about capturing light and shadow, mixing colors, using complementary colors to create contrast, loosening up, emplying some Picasso tricks and some cheating secrets I ain't telling. Best of all, I have learned that I do have a natural talent for art, that my success thus far is not just a fluke. I feel confident that I can continue to learn and grow and produce better and better paintings. The only struggle I am feeling just now is how to take what I am learning and apply it to what I have already been doing. Or should I just chuck it and go another way? At any rate, I am on a grand adventure and I am grateful to God for gifting me with it.

I have had some happy company over these last weeks....

Flynne and her cat.

Jennifer and her dog.

Sarah and her rock.

Everyone has come away with beautiful paintings, and are starting new ones this week. So, more to come.....


Shonna said...

Your painting is gorgeous!!!! Sounds like a great class!!

Lucy said...

I'm soooo happy that you took that class, it really sounds like you had a great time and learned a lot. I'm sad I didn't join along with you and the girls!! Maybe next time!

Perhaps buy some of the open fluid for acrylics that way you can incorporate more blending and shading with the acrylics. I'm working on a floral right now and I'm having a heck of time with trying to get all the shadows right-I should have bought the open fluids for this project.

Anyway--good going friend!

Michelle said...

I love the play of colors across this piece, Amy. It's loose and controlled at the same time, which is a neat trick to pull off. Congrats on the success of this new direction in your work.

Jeanne Rhea said...

I really like this painting! Love the light. That must be some class for everyone to be doing something so totally different, but so well.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Amy! Your painting is so pretty and in person even more so. The shading and use of light is really wonderful. Wish I would have taken that class.

Great job at Jerry's Saturday - you inspired me to get out my journal and paint which Sabrina and I both did over the weekend.

Penny A said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy for you: discovering more about your work and yourself! Brava! I look forward to seeing what comes next.
- p
(FLUKE?!? - puh-leeeze!)

B said... have a blog, too! Love this painting! Beautiful...B.

Amy said...

Love the painting Amy!!! :)