Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Too Much to Tell You

Have you ever had a moment when you feel like you have hit your stride? I don't mean that everything is perfect, and there is no trouble. I mean when you feel like you are moving through life gracefully and taking the bumpy and the smooth and accepting it all as a gift? Does that sound way too far out? I feel that today. It is a peaceful place to be.
I have been happy as a lark in the studio lately. I am working diligently to keep my galleries supplied, and beef up my etsy shop. I am succeeding. Most importantly though is that I am enjoying every moment of it. The painting above is acrylic on canvas. It is 24x30" and is hanging in Circa in Asheboro, NC. Matt and I attended their opening last night. It was well attended, and I have high hopes for the gallery and my artwork to do well. I will post more about the opening at a later time.

My birds are taking on new personas. As the kids and I have been feeding and watching the birds this year, I have enjoyed getting to know their little personalities. I think this new familiarity is coming through in my artwork. This guy above is in my etsy shop, and I will be offering more like him there soon. The scrap of paper above him is from a vintage letter and reads "want to do something every nite." I guess he is a bit of a party animal.

Finally, let me introduce you to a new addition to our family. We have another nest. It is the same kind of bird as built the last nest. It is not a Junco, it is a Northern Rough-Winged Swallow. I believe there are three babies again. This one popped his head up to say hello yesterday. Sorry for the fuzzy pic. I had to zoom.


Lucy said...

Love your new work! So bold and colorful :) I saw your BIG birdie the other day and thought it was just fabulous!!!!!

Way to go on all the progress on your work. I need some of that mojo to come my way!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see new work and read that you're happy in the studio. I love the changes happening to your birds.