Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Year, New Plans

It's 2008! I know I am late in making this announcement. I have just been tremendously busy. Changes are afoot in my life and art. It seems that people like my stuff, and are willing to pay me for it. This is a good thing! So, I am finding it necessary to shift my focus. I am making the hard decision to move away from swapping with online groups, and focus my creative time on my art for galleries and my Etsy store. I am going to step up my marketing efforts for my Etsy store. I am particularly focused on working with the Visual Art Street Team (VAST) on Etsy.

We have a lovely blog for the group here-

Take a look. There are some seriously talented folks in there!

I am also thrilled with the recption my artwork is getting at Artist's Alley. I need to ride this wave! I hope y'all will enjoy the ride with me.

Of course, I hope to blog more this year, but I refuse to promise!

Go make art!

1 comment:

Zhenia said...

Go you!

I hope that you'll keep updating your blog. But that desire is pure selfishness on my part.