Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Playing Again

I have been at it again! I am enjoying the freedom of just experimenting with paint. In this second exercise we used different tools to paint with. The first thing I did was to paint my canvas paper with a layer of orange and gold. Then I experimented with a few different tools.
This first image shows the results obtained by painting a square of plastic canvas with Lumiere Halo Blue Gold, and pressing it onto the paper over the orange.

Next, I pressed a length of embroidery string into a line of different colored pint globs, and pressed the string onto the page. In some spots I held one end of the string stationary and rotated the other end in an arc.

Next, I used the end of a wooden spool dipped in the paint to stamp onto the page.

Here is the final result.

Not a masterpiece by any stretch, but I enjoyed the playtime, and some new ideas may be sparked.

I have had such limited time lately with hauling kids to and fro from school and to appointments and gymnastics that I was desperate to complete something. I made an interactive ACEO with a "shaker" window of stars and glitter and micro beads. I love it! If you love it, you can buy it on etsy!


Jean Skipper said...

Good for you! Please play a little for me too?

Danielle said...

I love your painted piece - it looks great! And your ATC is beautiful.

KJ said...

Very nice results! Vibrant and lively!

Blessings, KJ

Jeanne Rhea said...

I love your experiments! ATC is very nice, too!

Karen Campbell said...

This background is totally up my alley -- love it!!