Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Paint Play!

I am working with a group in a book called "Acrylic Revoultion" by Nancy Reyner. We have just started. The first thing we are doing is just experimenting, or playing. Sheesh is that ever hard!
So I dcided to work on some canvas pad I have had in my studio for millenia, and fiddle around with some pouring. I love the result. I have been wanting to begin delving into abstracts a bit more, and I think I may be on to something.
Here is what I did:
I started with a blank sheet of canvas from a cheap Fredrix pad. I used all Golden acrylics. I brushed on cadmium yellow medium heavy body with a big dry brush. I put it on very thin and spotty. Then I took a botle of red oxide fluid acrylic and squirted it onto the page straight from the bottle. The I folded the page top to bottom, side to side and corner to corner to mash the red around. Next I took heavy body phthalo blue (red shade) and mixed it in a palette with water. I poured it into the center of the page. Some of it was runny, and some was gloppy. Then, I turned the page this way and that letting the colors run and mix. Thigs started getting a bit muddy, so I sprayed the page with a mister of water. This somehow unmuddied the colors. I continued to let the colos run while turning the page. The excess ran off onto another waiting blank page. Finally, when I was happy with the result, I dried the whole thing with a heat gun. I think it was the heat that caused the crackling.
Cool, huh?!?!?


Mary S Hunt said...

just wonderful!!!
so you didn't use any of the pour medium...i like this and i LOVE the crackle!!!

Jeanne Rhea said...

Cool?---nah... Hot? YES! I love this.

nici said...

Yowza! THis rocks!

tiambailey said...

This is fantastic. Don't you just love happy experiments. hehe I will be adding your blog to my blog as a link here in a few. I found you on ZNE too. :)

tiambailey said...

This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing with us. I would like to add your blog as a link in mine. I am a member of ZNE too. :) Don't you just love those experiments that turn out awesome!!!

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