Monday, April 30, 2007

Birds! Skinny Book Project

Whee! I am taking this on! What am I thinking?
I am hosting a Bird themed skinny book, details to follow below. There are 19 spots. Please comment on this post to request a spot in the project, then email me with your name, mailing address and phone number.
Thanks to my fellow Circus freaks for helping me iron out the details for this project.
(If you have no idea what a skinny book is, check out this free tut on Artchix-

Birds! Skinny Book-

You- create 20 original (no copies please) pages on heavy weight watercolor paper 3" wide and 6"tall. The theme is birds, but you may be loose in your interpretation and focus on eggs, nests, birdhouses and the like.
Please do your best creative work and send pages that would make your socks go up and down if you received them in a swap.
You may create on both sides of your page. Please make sure you include your name/signature on the back along with an email address.
The pages are intended to be bound on the top 3" edge, so leave this area free of embellishment. Dimensional embellishment is welcome, but should extend no further than 1/4" from the surface of the page.
Due Date- In my posession on Aug 5 2007.
*Along with your pages, please send a SASE with sufficient postage to cover the returns. If your pages are lightly embellished, you may want to add extra postage to your SASE to cover extra weight from pages from other folks who have a heavier embellishing style.
International particpants may send a self addressed return envelope and well concealed American cash, or you may pay me for return postage via Paypal to Please add 3% enough to your payment amount to cover paypal fees. email me if you need advice on how much to send. I am not sure how much these packages are going to cost to mail.

I- will send you back one of your pages along with one page from each of the other particpants. You will receive a total of 20 pages.

You- will bind the book yourself in the manner that pleases you most.

Once I have all the spots filled, I will email everyone with details, and gather addresses and phone numbers for contact.

1. Amyma
2. Kelli Perkins
3. Ang
4. Kellie
5. Chel
6. Joanna K.
7. Chrysti
8. Diane
9. Linda
10. Maralena
11. Jan
12. Carol
13. Martha
14. Nicci
15. Katie
16. Jacky Williams
17. Jean Skipper
18. Lia Kent
19. Joanna Pierott1
20. Charity Auction
*If your name is on this list, please email me with your mailing address and phone #.


Kelli said...

Please include me in your skinny book project! Kelli

altermyworld said...

Amy please include me.

Kellie said...

oh yah, count me in!!!

Joanna K said...

PLease could I be included in the book project? I'm based in the UK.

Amy said...

Thanks ladies! Please email me with your name, mailing address and phone number for my records. I am way too lazy yo look everyone up!

stampsalot said...

Please sign me up for your skinny book swap.


Linda said...

HI Amy, I'd love to be a part of your skinny birds.... LOL... I mean birds skinny....


Linda said...

HI Amy, I'd love to be a part of your skinny birds.... LOL... I mean birds skinny....


Calla Visage (AKA: Maralena) said...

Yes, I want to participate.

Jan said...

please sign me up for the bird book. Jan Roberts

pequad said...

I'd love to play too! ~ Carol

martha said...

Hi Amy -- I emailed you but I haven't seen my name yet on the list!
~martha brown

nicci said...

hey amy.
i saw this book project and got an inkling of an idea. it's been a while since i did... since i moved, actually =b. grad school hurt my creative process. it's limping along.
anyway, i am going to start working on this... i carved a stamp. i'll let you know how it goes ;). if there's room, please save me a spot. xox

Kelli said...

Amy--Please sign up my friend Katie K as well. We just finished an altered recipe book swap and she does amazing work. I'll email our information. Thanks. Kelli

Lia (artjunkgrl) said...

count me in! I will send you my addy in a few minutes! xo Lia


Ali Jane said...

I wish I saw this earlier, I would have loved to have participated!!! I can't wait until another pops up. xox