Saturday, March 10, 2007

For the Birds

I was feeling stuck today. I couldn't quite figure out what to make. It is Saturday, and I get to be in the studio ALL BY MYSELF! No small children, no husbands, nobody but me and my schtuff. My time was limited, and my stomach was churning because I couldn't figure out what to do. My studio is in the back of a gallery, and Debbie, who was working today, came back to tell me that someone had come in specifically to buy one of my little birds. She had bought one last week, and was back for another. Debbie brought her back to my space an introduced us. She was very quiet and very sweet. She saw some abstract collage pieces on my wall that I had moved out of the main gallery recently. She looked and looked, and chose one to buy, then she left my studio, and grabbed a bird on the way out. So, I sold two pieces today. I got unstuck. I made a new bird to replace the one that flew away today. Since he is still wet, I will show you the Love Bird pair that I have listed on ebay right now.


Judi said...

Oh, Amy, they are just wonderful! I *love* them!!!

Pretty Lady said...

These are wonderful! I am glad you got unstucked. LOL.