Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Life is craaaaazzzeeeee! I am trying to accomplish something, but I seem never to be able to complete a task. Everything remains half done. I guess that is how it is with small children. Being a Mom is my #1 priority, but I am not a very good mom if I am not taking care of my creative needs.

So, I am in the studio this morning trying to accomplish something. I just want to finish one thing. So, I am blogging, just to stay in the habit.

These ATCs are for a swap at Altered Art Obsession. The theme is symbols. The symbol I chose is a bursting Pomegranate. It is a symbol related to my faith, so I hope I don't step on any toes with it. It is not intended to preach or force my point of view. It is just what I really wanted to make. In Christianity, The burst pomegranate symbolizes the Bursting forth of Jesus from the tomb, or the bursting forth of the Holy Spirit. The pomegranates are made using a stamp I carved by hand.

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Kellie said...

yes these turned out great! I am in the swap too, so I look forawrd maybe to getting one! I can agree with the chaos of producing art with small kids!! hard struggle! congrats on the adoptions! beautiful story!