Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh my goodness it is almost Christmas! Where has the year gone? I feel like this poast year has been such a blur.
OK, about art!
I have had some good marketing success recently with my artwork. Just before Thanksgiving I had some of my collage pieces juried in to the local coop gallery. I got five of them created and framed in two days, and delivered them to the gallery the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Can you beleive that I haven't even been in to see them hanging on the wall?

I am really jazzed that she picked this style (see above) because I love making these, and it is sortof becoming a signature style for me. I have been using this style as a backround for more figurative collage as well. It is basically an abstract paper scrap collage, with some other stuff done to it. The stamped spirals are from a hand carved stamp that I made from a rubber eraser. I am hoping for a gift certificate for Christmas that will let me get some more sophisticated carving materials and tools. Printmaking and carving stamps is gaining my interest lately. I like that I can create bold graphic elements from my own carvings without worrying about copyright infringement. Not only that, but rubber stamps are so darned expensive.

I took a papermaking class in Raleigh a while back with John Dancy-Jones of The Paper Plant. He teaches a thorough course, and I recommend it highly. The thing that intrigued me most during the course though was his book "Snapper" which he wrote, printed on his own handmade paper, and illustracted with block prints that he had hand carved. The best link I could find for the publication is here....

I have a notecard That he printed as well, and will hunt it down and share it here at a later date.

So, that is it for this morning. I have an impatient 4 year old wanting to start the day, a house to clean, and groceries to get in. ACK! I hope i get a few creative moments in today!

Oh, and by the way, one of my marketing goals for 2006 is to blog regularly, and use it as a tool to market my art. You will be readingmore from me in the coming year (Maralena!)

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