Thursday, October 27, 2005

It has been chilly here lately. I know chilly in North Carolina is nothing compared to northern climes. Nonetheless, my fat black cat has decided that he needs to be laying on me 24/7 to keep warm. I am vey gamely trying to type this while he clings to my left arm and shoulder.
I have listed a couple of non-ACEO things on ebay. I want to try to pull out and diferentiate myself.
One of the items is an altered/collaged beer coaster.

The other piece is an altered box. The image on the front is of me as a little girl singing the "bumblebee" song. It has slips of paper inside with inspiration/ motivation childs play activities. Thus, it is the child's play inspiration box. I am stoked because it got a bid the first day.

Lastly, I want share a deco I made this afternoon that I am very pleased with. It is a valentine deco for a free expression swap. I am getting a bit burned out on decos, but I love this one.


Altered Thoughts said...

I am going to make some paper dolls with beer coasters. I have a swap I am doing that involves paper dolls. These all look very nice.

nicci said...

i am also getting a bit burned out on decos, but i too like this deco! =) i signed up for the 'paper hearts' deco for E_C this swap around, cos that is the only one i felt even slightly motivated by (that made the cut, anyway!)

in one of my sketchbooks, i have a 4 frame still of my mom's dye injection into her heart. i wanted the video, but the nurse wouldn't cough up a streaming video, so i had to settle for some stills. i just have to figure out where i stashed them so i can scan them again...

Odilon said...

I love that deco too. So sweet. I, too, am getting burnt out on decos. I figure that I'll only sign up for ones that make my heart sing, which is why I've also signed up for the paper heart deco at EC. I love Valentine's Day something fierce, mainly because it's an excuse to use paper hearts and red and pink.

I'm looking forward to doing more truly collaborative and larger-scale projects in the new year.