Friday, July 29, 2005

I feel like I have managed to accomplish alot int he last 2 days. I have deco'ed in 4 decos for a round robin, made 2 decos for a swap on the Circus, and my Lemon/Lime ATC's for a swap on the Circus. The Lemon/Lime ATC's were a stretch for me because I am not normally drawn to those colors. I am more of a an earth or jewel tone girl. I thought I'd give it a shot when Heather offered some goodies to play with. Thanks Heather. I am not bowled over by my results, but they are cute....I think.

Now rust is more my thing. I love old junky rusty stuff. I can always be found stooping over to pick up bits of old rusty metal on the side walk. My 4 year old si=on is the same way, we are botha lways looking down, and yelling "treasure!" when we spot something. He also always lets me know when he sees anything rusty when we are travelling by yelling "old rusty stuff!"

I got a rusting kit from Michaels a few months ago, and I threatened my Art group that I might rust them if they sat still long enough!

The rusted rose is from my enormous collection of costume jewelry earrings that were given to me by my realtor who used to manufacture them. I have thousands... lterally. Anybody wanna swap for some?

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Heather said...

You're so welcome for the lemon lime goodies!! I love how your colorful ATCs turned out - it is a really good exercise! : ) It looks like you used just about everything, too!! I love your blog - keep up the good work!!
Cheers!! Heather