Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Three Years and a Huge Chunk of My Heart is Still in Africa

The week of Thanksgiving, we celebrated the third anniversary of bringing home our precious daughter from Ethiopia. While we were in Ethiopia, I felt almost as if I was right where I had been called to. I felt at home. I felt at peace. I knew that Ethiopia was a part of me somehow. When I left, I left a huge chunk of my heart behind. That sense has never left me. I am haunted by it almost daily. Of course I care for the people in Ethiopia because my child is from there, but the connection is more than that. I don't think I can adequately describe or explain it with words. Over the past three years we have participated in several initiatives to relieve poverty in Ethiopia and bring the Gospel to the lost there. I have been most impressed by the work of Children's Hope Chest. They are very active in Africa and in Russia to relieve the devastation of poverty and hunger amongst orphans and to protect young children from sex trafficking. I think what attracts me to this organization the most is the heart of Tom Davis (President) for orphans. It's a love thing. It comes through in his writing. He bleeds for orphans. I bleed for orphans. So, I hope you will look into and consider partnering with them to champion to most vulnerable.


Lucy said...

You have such a big heart dear friend, I love you for all you do and for all the good that you have brought in the world by your kindness, understanding, unlimited generosity-but most of all for your love of all people. I wish I was more like you!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful---what a wonderful photo!