Saturday, May 23, 2009


I have had an idea in my head for a very long time of a cuff type bracelet made from my painted canvases. With all the moving and deadlines and such over the past year, I just have not been able to set up my sewing machine and play with it. At Art and Soul I saw a similar cuff type bracelet made with a different material with a way cool closure that I knew would be perfect for what I wanted to make. Today, I finally had the time to sit down and try it out. I have to say I am very pleased with the results. It is probably a good thing that I had to wait so long to play with this concept. I have constructed and deconstructed it many times in my head, so my first effort seems pretty solid.
What do you think?

The cord is waxed linen. It is wrapped around the canvas disks in a figure eight.

The longish beads are paper beads I made from magazine pages that I wiped excess paint onto as I was painting.

This is the underside.

Here is what it looks like laid out.

So, I will wear it for a while and gauge the comfort.

It is so fun to get an opportunity to play and try something new. I have been so caught up in production work lately that I just have not had time to play. Production work bores my socks off. I am quite tired of making paper earrings. Don't get me wrong, I love that people want to buy them, but I am ready to conquer new terrain and come up with my next fabulous thing, or just lose myself in art play.
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Jean Skipper said...

Very nice, and I'm looking forward to seeing it, and you, in person soon.

Glad to hear that you found time for play!

Jeanne Rhea said...

Nice idea! Glad you got some time to play!

Penny A said...

How COOL! I love the thread closure, too... *much better than a snap!* Can't wait to see where you go with these :-)

chick-er-doodles said...

Hi. just found your site. Greaaaat art works. Thanks for sharing.
Didn't say where you're from, I'm guessing not Nebraska, where I am..
Too bad, as I'd just love to come and
have an Art-Out with you.

Mary said...

Oh I like this very much, is it comfortable??

Mary said...

oh I like this very much, is it comfortable??