Monday, August 04, 2008

Thanks Hidu!

My dear buddy Jodi has posted to her blog about our adventures this last Friday at Artist Alley in Southern Pines. We had a wonderful time. Go read about it.
Here is my Artist Alley wall. Thanks Jean!

I am so grateful for the creative friends I have around me. I crave time spent with adults who get it, who understand why I am at my best when up to my elbows in paint. They inspire me to try new things. They motivate me to push myself creatively and professionally. I would definitely not be having the success I am having without my circle of friends. Thanks Gals! Jean, Jodi, Nanette, Penny, Olivia, Jeannie, Joy, Debbie, and Kathy I thank you!

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Lucy said...

Awww--your more than welcome for the feature and it's the least I could do with all the support you've given me :)

Keep up to your elbows in paint, it suits you well!