Thursday, May 08, 2008

Still ticking

I a freshly home from Art and Soul 2008 in Hampton, VA. It was wonderful to see my art sisters, and learn lotsa new stuff. I wore myself out, however, and now I believe I have a sinus infection, so I am off to the Dr. today.

I arrived home to discover that we have three new babies at our house.

They are Juncos. Mama built her nest on a downspout from the gutter right near the front door to the house. They are so precious.

I have also had visits from a new friend who was the inspiration for my most recent tattoo.

Yes, the picture is bad. I took it through my sliding glass door. But, you get an idea of the glorius color, right? Did you know that Indigo Buntings are actually black? The refraction of the light from their feathers gives the illusion of this glorious blue.

Oh, and since I am supposed to be posting about my artwork...

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