Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Big Canvases

OK, so this is not such an exciting picture. This is where I am today though. I have promised two large paintings for an auction to benefit my son's school, the Sandhills Classical Christian School. These canvases are 20" x 60". I have finished the background. In this picture, they are upside down. I am planning to have bird on one, and a black-eyed susan on the other.

Working bigger is an interesting adventure to me. I have only begun working on larger canvases in the last year. I am a bit ADD and impatient, so smaller canvases were fun because I could finish a piece in one sitting. My acrylic paints dry quickly, and I could help them along with my heat gun. With the larger pieces, the background can take several sessions of painting and drying before I can start adding the focal subject. With my schedule being what it is. I do one scetion at a time, then go pick up kids, cook dinner, etc... These two panels have been in process for a couple of weeks.

Tonight or tomorrow, I will add the focal subjects.

I am not put off, by the process. I think the methodical, bit by bit, with lots of waiting is good for me. I am learning to be more deliberate with my art. The finished pieces have more depth and attention to detail.

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Zhenia said...

You go! I hear you about the impatience. I've been finding anything larger than an ATC not fast enough for my need for instant gratification.