Monday, January 28, 2008

Peony Progress

So, I am working on two more paintings to complement the tulip and daisy. This is the first of the two. It is a peony. I love peonies. I have my Grandmother's peony in my yard. This is the 3rd house we have had them at. We move them everytime we move to a new house. They have been happy here. We are putting the house on the market next month. I hope they will survive another move, and that it comes quickly!

Anyhoo, I am happy with the progress of this painting. It is not finished. The colors look a little off in this image too. The background is more purple than blue.

Now, what should I put on the other canvas? I am thinking of a poppy, or a thistle, or.... Time to find some reference images.

1 comment:

Penny A said...

B-U-tiful! Another classic in the making :-)

How 'bout a hydrangea? They are the 'unoffical flower of the South'!