Thursday, September 27, 2007

Free OOPS charm

I have been playing with making charms out of prints of my artwork. They are super cute, and I am hoping they will sell well on etsy, and in my show coming up in November.
The bird on this charm is from an ACEO that sold on ebay ages ago. It looks great, except I put it onto the scrabble tile upside down. The "E" on the back is inverted. OOPS!
If you want it anyhow, be the first person to comment, and I will send it to you. You will need to send me your address too, so don't just comment then run away to wait by the mailbox.


A Slice of Life said...

Me! I'd love it!

Amy said...

Okee dokee! Just email your name and mailing address to me at amymasmith(at) and I will send it your way!

Judi Wellnitz said...

What a fabulous idea! I love it! I might CASE it for a swap I'm in! I forget what CASE stands for but it's a nice way to saying 'steal your idea'. :-0

Danielle said...

I see that the charm is gone - but I wanted to say that it's lovely.

Moore mommy said...

Anymore OOPSes lately?

Your work is lovely!