Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I am finally updating!

I finished up some papers for a swap last night. I had to do 27 pages, and it was a challenge. I am glad I did it hough because my papers really eveolved during the process. All of them started with vintage 1960's National Gographic maps. I swiped on acrylic glaze (made with craft paint and a big jug of faux painting medium from Wal-Mart) and left the brush marks. Then I stamped on them with "stamps" I created myself. The first ones feature stamps I made with pen score from NASCO. You heat it up and press something into it to make a texture.

Then I decided to carve some erasers for a more tribal look.

I am really pleased with the results of these. Even DH was impressed!


Kirsten said...


Odilon said...

Yeah for updates! Yeah for great hand-decorated paper!

Beth Robinson said...

I got the purple one!! It's even cooler than the scan since the purple and pacific island looking motifs are done over a barely seen but peeking out map of the Pacific Ocean. Great idea.